Adding a raised or ground-level deck is a fantastic way to capitalize on your yard space. However, the wide range of decking materials can be challenging for most people. Many homeowners often need help deciding between composite or natural wood decking. Orange County Cable Railing can help you choose the ideal solution.

If you want to install a composite deck in your home, you want to know if it is worth the expense. The last thing you want is to invest in a sub-standard material that doesn’t offer beneficial properties. Before purchasing decking material, let’s look at the benefits of composite.


Composite deck boards differ from natural pressure-treated wood decking as they can withstand adverse weather conditions. The composite on your boards can also handle extreme levels of UV exposure without fading, expanding, or contracting like wood decks in cold climates. In addition, the material is resistant to insects and mold growth, despite exposure to wet conditions or the need for additional protection.


A major benefit to installing composite decking is the low maintenance, saving a lot of money and time in the long run. Nothing is more frustrating, like maintenance tasks taking up family or personal time, especially when you have to treat, stain, paint, or sand the deck. Natural wood requires routine maintenance to ensure it remains in tip-top condition and prevents safety risks. With composite decking, you don’t have to worry about splintering, cracking, warping, or rotting.

Style and Color

Another reason for installing composite decking is the range of styles and colors. This versatile decking solution comes in eight colors in either an original or woodgrain design. Customers can enjoy high flexibility, ensuring they choose the right hue that complements your property’s architecture and overall design. Composite decks can be designed in complementary or contrasting colors to meet your specifications.


Sustainability is critical when choosing decking material, especially for environment-friendly solutions. The low-maintenance properties of composite material mean you don’t have to regularly varnish or stain the deck. There aren’t toxic chemicals released into the environment during maintenance, guaranteeing the overall safety of your premises. Before investing in residential or commercial decks, consulting a professional for advice and quality installation is important.

Cons of Composite Decking

The first disadvantage of composite decking is cost. While it may save you money in the long run, it is not the cheapest on the market as manufacturers deal with recycled materials and many working hours to produce high-quality products. However, the additional benefits of composite material outweigh the initial buying and installation costs.

If you regularly repaint your deck in different shades, composite decks may offer other options. The material comes in a permanent color therefore, the only solution is changing the entire deck. Luckily, there are many designs and colors to suit your various preferences and specification. Contact us at Orange County Cable Railing to learn more about composite decking and other viable alternatives. We guarantee exceptional services that last without compromising quality or aesthetics.