For those who are more familiar with glass railings or railings with vertical balusters (also called spindles, pickets and banisters) then you may be surprised to see cable railings popping up in your area. These railings have long, horizontal cables in between the posts. Why are they so popular? We’ll explain why both homeowners and commercial property owners are increasingly turning to cable railings to solve their railing woes.

Strength and Safety

Cable railings can offer exceptional strength. The specific depend on the cable that is used, but we use cables that are rated to hold 14,000 pounds, which is much more than the average car. When properly supported by posts, railings systems that use these cables can withstand even situations where crowds are leaning on them. This helps ensure safety, lowers your liability, and makes the railing very durable overtime.

The vertical railings of these systems may offer more safety if you find your child tends to get their head stuck in the horizontal rails of other bars. We can thread the cables close together, so they can’t get their head in it at all.

Aesthetic Options

Cable railings may surprise you at first because they certainly look different than conventional horizontal rails. However, there are a ton of material, color and finish options for the posts and top rail that can create essentially any style you’d like for your railing. Choose wood and keep it stained naturally to have the perfect railing for a rustic patio space. Choose a metal in a neutral color for a crisp modern balcony. We can help you design a cable railing for any interior or exterior décor style.

Making the Most of a View

Do you have a great view and worry that a railing will end up blocking most of it? You should choose a cable railing. While you might think a glass railing would be best, the glass can actually create light effects and glare that completely distort the view, depending on the time. Cable railings don’t impact light and when you use thin cables, they don’t make much impact on the view. In fact, cable railings will block your view the least of any railing system.


Another great benefit of cable railings are that they are flexible enough for any purpose where you might need a railing, both inside and outside of homes and commercial buildings. Some applications where cable railings really shine include:

  • Rooftop railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Home stair railings
  • Deck railings
  • Hand railings
  • Porch railings

Essentially anywhere you want a railing, you can use a cable railing system.

Lack of Maintenance and Longevity

When built with good materials by smart professionals, a cable railing system needs almost no maintenance and will last for years and years. When we install a cable railing system, we guarantee that it will never sag, warp or bend. That means you won’t need to retighten it or maintain it. You may, of course, need to wipe down the railing with a cloth for dust or dirt. But that’s all.

Our dedicated team can help you with any type of railing installation services in Yorba Linda or you can choose another location from service area.