It doesn’t matter if your deck is large or small, there are multiple ways you can help make your outdoor space feel much more luxurious.

When it comes to smaller decks, having a way to make the space feel large and uncluttered is important. You don’t want to walk outside onto your deck and feel overwhelmed by what’s going on.

Instead, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, no matter what size your deck may be. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can make a small deck feel much more luxurious for yourself and your family.

Have Entertainment Spaces

Every deck should have designated spaces for entertaining, and this is especially true for smaller decks. Being able to separate areas for hosting outdoor gatherings is just as important as having spots for lounging and relaxing quietly.

If you are in the early planning stages of your deck construction, visualize areas for entertaining family and friends during get-togethers. Take into account the size of a BBQ grill, fire pit, or other outdoor items you plan on adding.

Consider spaces for an outdoor bar, if that is your plan. Decide where the bar will go, then make sure there is plenty of room for beverage and snack storage, ice containers, and more. Imagine if you will have plants and hanging lights in this area, and whether or not there is enough room for them.

Don’t Forget Seating and Decor

After you know where the outdoor entertainment items will be going, visualize spaces for seating and dining options. Chairs, tables, umbrellas, and other related items for your family and friends to sit and mingle or eat their flame broiled foods during summer holidays.

You may need to compare different seating options to ensure everything fits without being crammed into the space. For example, instead of large lounge chairs, instead go for smaller chairs with separate ottomans. This can give you the same relaxing position while giving you the option to move or store the ottomans away when not being used.

Additionally, you can consider armless chairs to save on room as well. While chairs with arms provide much more comfort, armless chairs can provide room for people to stand, dance, or walk around.

Consider decorative elements. This can be as simple as potted plants, or as elaborate as water features and outdoor heating options.

Most potted plants will be well suited for smaller decks, but larger bush type plants may need constant pruning or they will become too large and start to clutter the deck’s available spaces.Water features can be small or grand, though on a smaller deck, even a small water feature can add a unique and stylish decorative element to help your guests relax and enjoy their time with you.

Outdoor heating options are normally found in space saving designs such as lamp-post style heaters which are great for decks where space is at a premium.