Having an attachment on your house in the form of a balcony or terrace is a great way to have a small amount of extra room for entertaining, relaxing, or placing potted plants.

When it comes to the difference between balconies and terraces, there are several. First of all, balconies are normally much smaller than terraces. They will usually only have a single access point and are extremely common on high rise apartment buildings, and will always be physically attached to the building itself.

Terraces on the other hand are somewhat larger and will offer multiple entrance points. Most commonly, a terrace can be found as either connected or detached positions. They are usually, though not always, found on the ground floor or the roof and are large enough for entertaining multiple people at once.

Major Differences


Terraces are the larger of the two and are perfect for parties, weddings, gatherings, and more. They offer plenty of room for multiple people to mingle and relax, and can be a perfect spot for items such as BBQ grills, outdoor lighting, patio heaters, and more.

Balconies are smaller and may only have room for one or two people at a time. They are commonly suspended well above the ground and are extremely common on large apartment buildings. You’ll normally be able to place a chair or two, and maybe some potted plants on your balcony, but not much else.


When it comes to construction, the choice of materials will vary greatly between a balcony and a terrace. Balconies are most often seen in metal or concrete, while terraces can be wooden, metal, concrete, stone, tile, or brick.

Since terraces can also be attached to a house as part of an extended sunroom, they can share the same interior flooring as the room they are attached to. This helps create a large and open area of the home for family and friends to gather together.

Benefits of Each

While both balconies and terraces can provide you with a covered or uncovered area to enjoy beautiful days, they each have their own benefits.

Balconies, while smaller, can offer more protection for your belongings. Since they are normally installed well above the ground and only offer a single access point, it is extremely hard for intruders to trespass on your balcony.

Additionally, balconies can provide a safe place for potted plants or caged birds to sit and enjoy the sunshine without worrying about neighborhood cats or dogs causing any problems.

Terraces are larger, and offer a range of different decorative options. Similar to a patio, a terrace has room for various pieces of furniture, outdoor grills, and fire pits to be present.

You can also have a larger amount of potted plants on a terrace, including potted fruit trees such as dwarf apple, banana, and more. Terraces can be covered or uncovered to provide a great place to enjoy a gentle rainstorm as well.