Quality Railing Installation in Yorba Linda

Whether you are looking for a beautiful hand rail for your home, or a secure balcony railing for your business, our team can provide just the railing solution you need. With steel cables or stainless steel cables, our railing designs offer safety, beauty, and value to your home or commercial property. Trust us for smart options, like installing your roof railing right into the fascia to increase the square footage of your rooftop bar, making a sleek railing that disappears into the foreground so you can enjoy the view.

Our team at Orange County Cable Railing can work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most visually appealing and structurally sound cable rail available, not just one that follows building codes.

our team finished a quality railing installation in Yorba Linda
a wood and steel railing system installed by our pros

Offering Local Railing Installation Services

Our team is fully licensed and ready to create the best new railing system for you. We are eager to discuss your design ideas and which materials and design options will be best for the railing you need. We offer:

  • Hand rails
  • Stair rails
  • Deck rails
  • Balcony rails
  • Roof rails
  • Guardrails
  • Many more

We can adjust our railing system designs for any space where you need a railing. We’re familiar with the unique needs of homeowners and commercial property managers too. Whether you want to focus to be on your unobstructed view, or you need a low maintenance picket rail that works with your home’s aesthetic, we can help.

Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you have any questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to discuss different design and installation plans with you, as well as accurate quotes.

Stylish Railings We Can Offer You

Steel Railings

For clients in need of durable cable railing systems that can tolerate a lot of weight, our steel railings are the way to go, especially over aluminum railings or powder-coated cable railings.

Able to withstand more than 300 pounds of force, steel cable is more than strong enough to be compliant with building codes. As they are thin, they can be spaced closely for safety without compromising the view or making the railing system look too bulky. With elegant end-caps, this rail system is fit for any space, from the stairs to the porch.

Steel railings are popular choices for handrails in industrial workplaces and other commercial properties where semi-heavy machinery may be present. But it is important to get all-steel railings in these settings. That especially includes the fasteners, brackets, balustrades, and bolts. These parts need to be made of steel for the railing to offer strength and durability.

an indoor steel railing system added by our railing installation team

Stainless Steel Railings

The peak of railing systems, stainless steel is our top choice. Our stainless steel railings are made from marine type 316 stainless steel cables. This cable is resistant to salt spray and other sources of heavy corrosion that undermine other cable types. Stainless steel can also withstand extreme heat from fire and some threats from natural disasters. It is the most durable option we offer.

Though it may sound only practical, a stainless steel railing can still be beautiful. We offer a range of finishes that make make your railing look exceptional and boost the value of the property. When welded with care, given attractive brackets and balusters, and shaped to the stairway or other building feature well, these railings are down right gorgeous.

stainless steel railing system in all steel, including brackets and balusters

Railing Types to Avoid

You may hear a lot about how a glass railing systems will make your space look modern, or how galvanized cable railing can save you money, but there is a reason we don’t offer these railing types. Not all kinds of glass infill are safe, and those are still create lighting effects that can block your view. As for lesser qualities of cable, we believe that everything we create, from the smallest handrail to the most complicated deck railing, deserve to be high quality and last for many, many years. Our rail systems hardly need maintenance and any stainless steel cable railing installed by us will never sag, warp, or buckle. That is a quality we only achieve by using high quality materials.

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