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Your property is unique. We take pride in designing best-in-class cable railing systems that work in any space from a staircase to a balcony, adding good looks and safety for the long term. Cable railing systems are ideal to add value to any property, whether you own a home or a commercial property. Find out why below.

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Why Cable Railings?

Why design a railing system with steel or stainless steel cables as the rails? These strong, thin, cables add many great features to a railing system that wooden boards, metal bars or glass panels just can’t compete with. Switching to a cable rail system means you’ll enjoy:

stair railings installed by our pros
  • Strength: We prefer to work with marine grade steel cables which offer exceptional strength that is beyond what the building code calls for.
  • Thin profile: As they are so strong, we can often choose thin cables. The advantage is a better look, with more emphasis on the view beyond the railing than the railing itself. If you want to show off an unobstructed view without compromising safety, you won’t find a better option.
  • Environmental resistance: Unlike other materials, our cable systems will not wither in the sun or corrode in the rain. In fact, we can design systems which resist salt spray and other highly challenging environments.
  • Durability: We design and install our cable systems to high standards, ensuring that they will remain taught, straight and safe for an exceptionally long time. You can expect these durable railings to keep being an asset on your property.
  • Low maintenance: Most of our railing systems require little to no maintenance beyond the occasional wipe down with a cloth for dirt and dust.

100% of our systems are built to be fully code compliant and exceed all local building codes. 

Your Railing Options

With so many features and tons of design flexibility, our cable railing systems are suited to a huge range of settings, in homes, large residential buildings, commercial settings and more. That includes:

  • Stairway railing / Stair railings
  • Hand railing / Handrails
  • Balcony railing
  • Deck railing
  • Rooftop railing
  • Front porch railing
  • Safety railing / Guardrail
  • Observation point railing
  • Light fencing
  • And more

In order to serve all of these railing needs we offer two main types of cable railing systems: steel railings and stainless steel railings.

steel cable railings on deck

Steel Cable Railing

Sleek and streamlined, steel railings offer modern looks and high strength without stretching your budget too thin. We use all steel, and high quality, sourced from reputable suppliers, which has been custom fabricated for our exact needs. You can add wooden top rails to steel railings for a bit of warmth and we can design them to suit any kind of style you like.

stainless steel railings installed

Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Stainless steel cable railings can be designed for applications that require a little more strength, whether it’s a railing for your rooftop restaurant or a crowd at a theatre. Plus, with extreme durability, they can handle challenges like saltwater spray and are even resistant to fire and high heat without damage or corrosion. A bit more expensive than steel railings, many find that stainless steel is still worth the upgrade, and this is our most popular railing system. As with steel railings, we can design a stainless steel railing system that looks good with the style of any interior or exterior space.

Please note, we do not install glass railings or glass railing systems, aluminum railing, infill systems, picket fences, or all-wood railing systems.

My husband and I are remodeling our home and we decided to replace our old wooden deck railing with steel cable railing for all three of our decks. Tom, Chris, Steve and the rest of the crew at BACR did an excellent job. Tom is very personable and very passionate about his work. He welds the railing on site, ensuring not only a beautiful railing, but a very strong and safe one. I couldn’t be happier with how our new railing looks. I highly recommend this company.”

Hannah M
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Fully Customized for Your Exact Needs

Most people think that steel cable railing systems more or less look the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our cable railing systems can be powder-coated, complemented with custom baluster, post, and post cap options, and completed with custom finishes to meet any aesthetic goal. We also offer hardware options for virtually every part of our systems, including custom bracket hardware and fasteners. They can be made to match your property’s architectural details, or even wrap around existing vegetation. We can even fascia mount your railing system to maximize available floorspace on your balcony or stairs.

No matter what you choose, all parts of your system will be expertly installed and painstakingly welded to ensure nothing but the the best finished product.

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