We all yearn for a light morning or afternoon breeze as we enjoy a beautiful view of the outside world. However, the unpredictability of nature makes our balconies a hell of a place to be when it is windy. Imagine sitting down with a friend enjoying a meal, and suddenly a gust of wind blows away everything on the table, creating a mess.

Sometimes, you may say it’s a natural occurrence beyond your control. But what if you’re experiencing excess daily winds on your balcony? Your best option would be to block it in a clever way that doesn’t diminish your balcony’s aesthetic appeal.

Here are seven balcony wind-blocking ideas that you can adopt.

Wind Deck Screens

From the name, wind deck screens block wind and provide additional privacy while on the balcony. They’re suitable for owned and rental homes, as they’re easy to install and inexpensive to maintain.

Also, wind deck screens are usually heavy-duty net materials that come in an array of options for your selection. Manufacturers provide choices such as levels of UV resistance, privacy, material type, color, and thickness.

Glass Wind Screens

Glass wind screens are ideal for larger balconies as they’re low maintenance, robust, have cleaner styling, and can come tinted for privacy. However, glass screens are expensive to install, require a lot of customization, and you’ll probably need professional assistance.

Railing Panels

Railing panels are long pieces of durable and heavy fabrics with ties at the top for attachment to the rails. If you’re usually experiencing heavy winds, go with a heavier material such as sail canvas, and you’ll have an excellent and affordable DIY wind blocker.

Plant Dense Evergreen Potted Plants

If you prefer a natural blocker, planting small trees and shrubs in flower pots on your balcony is what you need. Some flowering shrubs are appealing to look at and improve the aesthetic appeal of your balcony.

However, keep them three to four feet high so as not to obstruct your view of the surrounding. If you live in warm areas, an alternative would be planting bamboo or tall grasses to act as barriers.

Use a Free Standing Room Divider

If you’re experiencing mild winds and prefer to keep your balcony as it was, the free-standing room divider works best. It’s portable, cheap, and easy to set up for a temporary wind blockage. However, most are lightweight and get overwhelmed by stronger winds.

Bamboo or Reed Fencing

Probably one of the cheapest DIY methods is installing a reed or bamboo fence around the balcony. You can set it as high as you want to provide privacy and block out debris that comes with the wind. On the downside, reed fencing is opaque and blocks your view of the surroundings.

Lattices and Trellises

Lattices and trellises are suitable for balconies with a leaf and debris problem, as you can set them as high as you need. They’re more ideal for patios, but you can modify them for balcony use. On the balconies, you’ll have to tie the trellises to the railings and maybe add some potted climbing plants, which can take some months to give you the desired coverage.