Balconies are great areas to relax. However, during the chilly winter months they can be unbearably cold. If you want to enjoy your balcony during the cold winter months while staying warm, there are some steps you can take. Here’s how to keep your balcony warm in winter.

Buy A Space Heater

The winter months can be both financially and emotionally draining. Not only do you need to pay for excess heating expenses, you will also have to take care of the added costs of heavy winter season clothing. That being said, one way to help balance out these expenses is by purchasing a space heater.

Space heaters are an effective way of heating small areas on your property or home. In addition, space heaters can be bought for $50 or less. Apart from their low cost, space heaters also offer versatile form of heat that can be used in any room in your house. So, if you’re trying to find ways to save money during winter, then you should definitely think about investing in a space heater. You may just find that it’s worth the investment.

Hang Blankets or Curtains Around the Balcony to Keep the Heat In

The winter season is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. However, when the temperature drops, it can be hard to stay warm. If you have a balcony, one way to keep the heat in is to hang blankets or drapes around the edges.

Doing this will help create a barrier against the cold air. It will also trap any heat that’s already on the balcony. You can also use outside furniture to create a windbreak. In addition, you can also try to close the doors leading to the balcony when you’re not using it.

By taking these actions, you will be able to fully enjoy your balcony even when the weather gets chilly.

Place A Rug on The Flooring to Keep Your Feet Warm

Rugs are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a practical purpose. By putting a rug on the floor, you can help to keep your feet warm and prevent them from coming into contact with cold surfaces. In addition, carpets can also help protect your floor from dirt as well asthe usual wear and tear.

That being said, carpets are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. So, you can easily find one to suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a little rug to place by the door or a big one to cover an entire room, you’ll definitely find a carpet that’s best for you. Next time your feet are feeling cold, reach for a carpet and enjoy the warmth and convenience it provides.

Take Hot Drinks Like Tea or Coffee While You Unwind on The Balcony

There’s absolutely nothing better than sitting on the balcony with a hot drink in your hands. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, the heat from the beverage will definitely help to keep off the cold.

In addition, hot drinks have a way of making us feel more relaxed and cozier. Whether you’re reading a book or simply taking in the view, sipping on a hot drink is the best way to enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months. Just be sure that to dress warmly, as it can get chilly on the balcony even when the sun is out.

With a few simple tricks, you can easily turn your balcony into a cozy oasis in the middle of winter.


By following the tips we’ve outlined above; you can keep your balcony warm all year round. If you need help insulating or weatherproofing your balcony, call a professional. They will be able to recommend the best products and methods for keeping your space warm and comfortable.