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When choosing a railing company in Garden Grove for residential or commercial projects, there are several factors you need to consider. Whether you want to rail your main stairway or install railing on every apartment building balcony, ensure you hire a professional contractor. At Orange County Cable Railing, the quality of the service provider and artistry determines the aesthetics and performance of the railing. The last thing you want is to make repairs soon after installation because of hiring an inexperienced contractor. We leverage extensive industry experience and innovative equipment to guarantee top-notch railing services. Many indoor and outdoor factors can lead to deterioration, hence the need to consult a professional railing service for advice. Besides harsh climate conditions and rough handling, we assess your building for possible risks of damage and recommend suitable solutions without compromising efficiency and function.

At Orange County Cable Railing, we have an experienced team of railing experts ready to help you make the right decision. Here are common locations for installing railings in your commercial establishment and what to expect.

Our team installed these quality cable railings in Garden Grove

Our railing systems can be utilized for:

  • Hand railings
  • Stair railings
  • Guard rails
  • Balcony rails
  • Roof railings
  • Deck railings
  • Light fencing
  • Much more


All of our railing solutions are extremely durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, safe, and fully building code compliant.

What We Offer

We offer an array of customizable railings. Cable railings offer security without obscuring your view. Many of our components are available in multiple finishes, and all of our components are painstakingly drilled and welded to look great from any angle. No two cable rail systems are exactly the same because each system is custom fabricated. So whether you want a sleek, stainless steel railing system that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view, deck railing systems that incorporate stairway railing and snake around existing landscaping, or a wood railing system that stands as its own architectural feature, we can help you craft the perfect cable rail system.

For handrails, choose from sleek stainless steel, powder-coated steel, natural wood, stained wood, and more. We offer many of our hand rail options as post and baluster/balustrade options as well, and can also offer custom spacing for a unique look. You can even choose for your railing to be mounted directly into the flooring or decking, or fascia mounted to maximize available square footage. For hardware, we offer a wide variety of fastener, bracket, and anchor grip hardware.

Sleek interior cable railings installed
Custom made stair railings installed by our team

Stair Railings

If you are selecting stainless steel cable railing for your stairs, ensure they have an open-side handrail if the stairs are on the open side. However, stairs on the closed-side handrail should have the railing mounted off the wall. In some instances, limited space can make installing railings on both sides dangerous. If so, we recommend switching the sides of the stairs. This is a practical approach because some construction codes prohibit continuous railings.

Another vital consideration when installing commercial stair railing systems is the size of the space. The average height of most handrails is between 34 to 38 inches, with bluster spacing of up to five inches. Stair railings should extend horizontally for a distance of 12 inches above the landing.

Balcony railings installed by our pros on a commercial property

Balcony Railings

The balcony of your commercial building is an excellent location to install railing systems. The location should determine the type of stainless steel railing, especially areas like the balcony where the railing material is exposed to the elements. If your business operates outdoors, aluminum railings are more suited to handle the heat and rust. Aluminum is also preferred because of its durability, safety, and aesthetics. When deciding the height and style of your commercial balcony railing, location is critical to guarantee optimal function and visual access where necessary.

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Deck Railings

When choosing stainless steel deck railing, it is advisable to assess the location and ensure you comply with zoning regulations. Commercial railing systems must be over 6 feet high, making wood or cable railing ideal for your deck. Both materials are suitable for outdoor conditions, but you must consider local zoning regulations before selecting a style.

Vinyl is popular because it is easy to install and requires little maintenance. However, it must be noted that it won’t withstand harsh conditions like winter. It comprises a mixture of durable plastic and wood, creating a natural look without the risk of a splinter, warping, or extensive maintenance.

Porch Railings

Like other types of commercial railing, location, and size are vital. Different locations have varying regulations, especially regarding factors like the design and height of the railing, handrails and bottom rails, and interior openings. If you want a porch railing for your commercial property, check with the city’s code first or leave the heavy lifting to a professional.

Cable railings installed on a commercial property by our pros

Railing Styles

Steel Railings

These rails are great for areas where you don’t want the railing to obstruct your views. They are sleek and modern in style, and we can offer them in various design options including wooden top and flat bar styles.

If you’re searching for heavy duty and durable railings, steel is the perfect choice being able to withstand more than 300 pounds of force.

Stainless Steel Railings

Similar in style to the previously mentioned steel railings, stainless steel brings an incredible amount of strength and durability. Made from type 316 marine grade stainless steel cables, we are confident in the durability of our railings.

Not only will stainless steel railings add a stylish and modern look to your home, but they can also withstand intense force and pressure, as well as fire and extreme elements.

Aluminum Railings

If you’re looking for a stylish and durable option that also fits in a modest budget, aluminum should be considered. Being manufactured locally, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of customization options.

Aluminum railings are much lighter overall than steel or stainless steel, but can still meet or exceed all Orange County building codes.

Glass Railings

When you want nearly perfect views of the area around your home, without having to sacrifice durability and safety ratings, our glass railing systems are the way to go.

For homes with children or pets, glass railings can offer the highest level of security for your little ones.

When considering upgrades to your home or business, consider railings from Orange County Cable Railing. We are happy to service homeowners looking to add to the aesthetics of their property or businesses that are concerned with safety, liability, and longevity. Our cable railing systems are low maintenance, corrosion resistant, and compliant with all building codes in your area. When safety is needed, but you don’t want to detract from your property, our cable railings fill the need. Call today to meet with one of our team members to discuss your railing ideas and needs.

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