Cable Railings in Costa Mesa

Cable railings with quality that can’t be beat for residential or commercial purposes

Stairs, balconies, walkways, and raised platforms of all kinds need railings to be safe and secure. While there are many different railing types, cable railings are the best option for safety, longevity, and good looks. That’s true whether you need small handrails or a long railing for your home’s main stairway. At Orange County Cable Railing we offer best-in-class cable railings for homes, business properties, and any spot where you need a code compliant railing. Whether inside or outside, in direct sun or salt spray, cable railings are, by far, your best option. Find out why.

our team finished installing these cable railings in Costa Mesa

Serving Greater Orange County

Our team is proud to service greater Orange County, including:

a fully custom railing installation done by our pros

Full Service Railing Installation

Our team doesn’t settle. We offer fully custom, expertly designed railings made from only the highest quality materials. The result is a railing that fits your space perfectly, is more than a match for the weight it needs to carry and remains resilient. Our railings are also exceptionally low maintenance. All you may need to do is wipe them down for dust and dirt on occasion.

We’re happy to work with you to create custom finishes, posts, endcaps, and much more. Just reach out to our team and discover how knowledgeable and dedicated we are.

Why Cable Railings?

We only offer cable railings and, only use high-quality steel cables. Why? We want to offer our clients only the best options for their railing systems, and cable railings are simply better. We won’t install composite railing, powder-coated aluminum or brackets that aren’t made of steel. We won’t sacrifice safety or longevity to use worse design principles. By installing cable rail systems, we don’t have to. There are several ways that cable railings stand out and provide better performance:

our team builds durable and reliable railings
  • Good looks: From a charming and woodsy handrail to sleek all-metal deck railing, cable railings offer a seemingly endless array of designs. We can create a look that will fit in with your home or commercial property. Potential styles include modern, industrial, farmhouse, minimalist, and much more.
  • Strength: The safety of a railing is mainly in its sound, square construction and the strength of the rails. In your home, a cable railing needs to be able to hold significant weight for years. Here, steel cable is up to the job. In commercial applications, demands are even higher. Our railings can be designed to support whole crowds safely, using stainless steel cable.
  • Extreme durability: Our railings resist fire, windstorms, intense pressure and other extreme hazards. They can provide years of service in outdoor conditions, on decking, balconies, or entrance stairs.
  • Keep the view: Unlike a glass railing, a rail system we make will not create light distortions that annoy your eyes. By using cables, we make even wood railings seem to disappear, so you just see the view beyond.

Your Railing Options

We offer railings that are suitable for all purposes in both residential and commercial settings. This includes:

  • Stair railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Hand railings
  • Safety railings
  • Rooftop railings
  • Observation point railings
  • Many more

We offer two main kinds of cable railings to suit these purposes: steel railings and stainless steel railings.

steel railings installed by our team

Steel Railings

With a steel railing, you can combine thin, unobstructive posts with high strength durability. Our quality, locally sourced steel railings withstand more than 300 lbs of lateral force and always meet building codes. We offer steel railings in several styles, including flat bar, wooden top and traditional. Most offer a clean, modern look but other styles have more visual interest and can add charm to your space. Steel railings are ideal for use in homes, and may also suit the purposes of some commercial spaces.

stainless steel railings offer superior corrosion and strength

Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel is an upgrade in strength over our plain steel options. They also offer superior corrosion resistance with all-steel posts, fittings and hardware. The cables are type-316 marine-grade stainless steel, which is an excellent option for any railing that overlooks the ocean. These railings also offer great peace of mind, as they will never need to be retightened after installation and need almost no maintenance.

Stainless steel railings are out most popular option. They work well in homes and can reflect a modern or traditional style inside or out. Plus, some commercial settings call for the additional strength of these railings.

Architectural Impact

In Costa Mesa, you may be looking for more than a plain picket railing, or an aluminum railing that simply gets the job done. Our railings offer more sophisticated looks. With a custom baluster, a matching wood top rail, or any number of other unique stylistic choices, we can create a railing that looks phenomenal. Checking off the boxes for the building code is important, but we exceed that basic requirement in many ways that you and your architect will appreciate. That includes:

  • Advanced code: What if you want your railing to work with a LEED certified build, or meet some other advanced building requirements? We can help ensure your railing system will mesh well and not interfere with any unique design requirements.
  • Enhance the view: Many believe glass railings are the best choice for visual impact, but they actually create light effects that can distort the view–something you don’t see in the magazine photos. Cable rail offers as close to an unobstructed view as you can get.
  • Fasteners: Top and bottom, we consider all of the little details that go into a good-looking metal railing. That include quality fasteners that work with the style you’ve chosen for your property.
  • Smarter construction: We have a high degree of skill and can offer you better designs. That includes installing a roof railing on the fascia to maximize space, offering custom welded components to fit unusual spaces, and choosing thinner cables to make your infill look sleek.

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