You paid for a balcony, but you’re probably not making the most of it. A modern balcony with the right features and finishes is much more functional and beautiful than a simple concrete balcony with some seating. If you wish you wanted to spend more time on your balcony, then investing in one or more of these five modern upgrades is a great idea.

1. Change the Flooring

Are you still standing on concrete when you step onto your balcony? It is either too hot or too cold and hard and grey all of the time. Concrete flooring is not exactly comfortable or beautiful. You can add new flooring on top that will help make the space more beautiful and comfortable. Of course, that flooring needs to be rated for outdoor use. One popular option is composite wood decking, which stands up to rain and sun, but also looks warm and homey.

2. Lighting

Don’t worry. You do not need to run electricity out to your balcony in order to get the lighting the space deserves. Many people find that candlelight is a perfect option for their balcony space. You don’t want to have full light at night because the balcony becomes too conspicuous for onlookers. But candles provide enough light to entertain or to read. And they can create a soft ambiance that you might enjoy. Are you concerned about fire? When in lanterns and other candle holders, the flame is safer. Although you still don’t want to leave a lit candle unattended.

3. Smaller Seating and Tables

We know it can sound counter-intuitive to choose smaller seating and tables. But, in small spaces, large furniture that overcrowds it and prevents you from walking around it easily actually makes the space feel smaller. When you choose small furniture for small spaces, you make the space feel larger and ensure it remains functional.

Consider adding only two small patio chairs and a side table. When you can keep the side table on the back wall next to the chairs you make it easier to move over to the other chair, which helps the space feel comfortable.

4. Screens and Trellises

Need some more privacy? Some balconies lack walls on the sides, and others are too close to the ground or another building for comfort. You can greatly increase the privacy on your balcony and also the style of it with screens and trellises. Use small matching screens on the sides to block your neighbors out. Or add a trellis with some vines growing along it to increase privacy but also add a natural, green vibe to the space.

5. Add a Cable Railing

Bent, sagging and rusted railings can make the whole balcony feel gross, and it can also raise safety concerns that might keep you or your children or pets off it. Replace your balcony with a cable railing system and you’ll never have these problems again. Our cable railings need almost no maintenance and are guaranteed to never sag, warp or break.